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Categories: Happy Things

The storm wasn’t a bad one and I decided to try to get some pictures of it, specifically of the lightning. However I do not have the equipment for that so it did not happen. Keep reading

New school books

Categories: Books, Education, Learn Something

It’s a new semester. So I bought some books to learn some things with. I’m technically not taking any classes, just teaching a class and doing research. So I got to pick what books I wanted to learn from. Keep reading

Approaching the light

Categories: Education

I realize not everyone knows what exactly I have to cross off my list of things to do before I graduate. Announcing I got approved yesterday doesn’t mean much to most people. So here’s the list. Keep reading

First day of school socks!!

Categories: Education, Work

They need to know who I am. And my regular first day of school nightmare. Keep reading

Questions for a change of heart

Categories: Gospel, Life, Musings

Today I found myself specifically thinking about what it means to have a change of heart. Which led me to thinking about dirt. I’ll explain. Keep reading

Transferring Google

Categories: Questions, Science & Tech

I had SO MUCH STUFF set up so perfectly with my email filters and my read feeds, setting that all up from scratch would’ve taken forever! But… Google makes it so super simple to transfer your information. They figure you own it so you get full control over it. Keep reading

My humor. Scary sororities. Dirty soap.

Categories: Education, Life, Questions

Three posts in one: 1) Requirements to find me funny. 2) Why sororities scare me. 3) Does it really matter if my soap dispenser is dirty? Keep reading