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It’s a new semester. So I bought some books to learn some things with. I’m technically not taking any classes, just teaching a class and doing research. So I got to pick what books I wanted to learn from.

First, I bought two cook books, both from America’s Test Kitchen (because they have an awesome cooking show on PBS and really test things backwards and forwards). I bought Slow Cooker Revolution and The Best 30-Minute Recipe. We’d borrowed both from a friend and really enjoyed them so I ordered my own on Wednesday and returned hers on Friday morning and mine arrived Friday afternoon. We really like page 113 in the 30-minute book, although it has yet to take us 30 minutes. More like 45 for us. We’re working on it. So I’m going to learn to cook new things.

Wednesday when I was ordering cook books I also bought my first knitting book – Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. I love how quick her things are to knit up and how cute they are (check out her adorable blog – Mochimochi Land). I need quick. I’ve had a sweater cast-on since my early years at BYU. I still like the sweater, so I’ll finish it some day, but I really like quick things. I’ve knit a few of her patterns before (pencil, hearts, tiny bunnies), and I’ve learned a lot of skills that way. I’m definitely going to need more sizes of double pointed needles for this. Now to decide what I’ll knit first. Probably the elephant because I have grey yarn. But I really need to knit an island to put on my desk for motivation. I’ve told Brett that when I graduate I want to get a hotel room on a beach somewhere and sit with my toes in the sand for several days.

I also just have three letters left in the alphabet book challenge. I finished my W book today – The Secret Life of Words. Now to figure out what I’m reading for X and Y (Z is already picked and sitting on our shelves).

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  1. Denice says:

    I love you last entry. The rest of the entries sound like you are really becoming domestic!!!

  2. Giggle

    I have to buy actual textbooks for the first time in two years. I’ve already spent $235 for one class, and have at least $13 to spend for another. I’ll find out tonight if my Ethnomusicology class needs a book.

    Still. I WILL finish my Alphabet of Books if it kills me. I’m halfway through U.

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