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Faith and prayer

Categories: Gospel

I recall once hearing that in the morning you pray for divine help and protection in what you will do that day and in the evening you give thanks for the day you had and His hand in your life. Keep reading

This is not “The End”

Categories: Books

Characters and stories like that never end. They live on in those who have read them. They live on in those who will read them. The magic of Harry Potter is not the wands and spells, but the magic that exists in every good book. Keep reading


Categories: Gospel

Sunday I taught a lesson to the 16 & 17 year-old girls at church about agency. I based the lesson around these three quotes. Keep reading

Shuttle Camp 1989

Categories: Remembers, Science & Tech

Saturday I mentioned that I went to Shuttle Camp when I was younger. And then yesterday while I was looking for a poster for a lesson I was teaching I found the collage frame I’d put together with the pictures of me/by me from Shuttle Camp in 1989. Yea! Keep reading

Education. Exploration. Motivation.

Categories: Education, Politics, Science & Tech

In the words of Gene Kranz, “Failure is not an option.” If we reach for the stars long enough, we just might get there. Keep reading

Learn something.

Categories: Learn Something, Questions

Brett and I regularly tell each other “Be good and learn something.” … Keep reading

We WILL have grilled hamburgers!

Categories: Family, Food, Happy Things

While we were running a few errands yesterday afternoon we saw some clouds in the distance but figured they wouldn’t interfere with our plans at all. Keep reading