We WILL have grilled hamburgers!

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While we were running a few errands yesterday afternoon we saw some clouds in the distance but figured they wouldn’t interfere with our plans at all. We’d had a brief 15 minute storm late the previous night and figured if it did rain again at our place it would be more night time than mid-afternoon when we were planning on barbequing. So we made up the hamburger patties and fired up the charcoal. And then this is what happened.

As I went inside to try and see if we had something that could be used as a rain coat or maybe grab an umbrella to keep Brett dry, I quickly realized we needed something bigger. So with my mom’s help we did this:

And the hamburgers (which we ate inside) were delicious.

Brett is an all-weather griller. 😀

The rain stopped by early evening and we were able to enjoy the fireworks downtown too. (Did you know the different types of fireworks had names? Makes sense that they do. Next time I’ll know what to call them (aside from just pretty).)

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  1. Elsewhere says:

    I’m glad it was safe for you all to be out, we had gigantic dead tree limbs and 6ft 2x4s flying through our yard with the sideways rain blowing in the very strong winds. Ok, it was only one 2×4 and it had been attached to my chicken coop before it started hurtling through the yard. I was glad we had already decided on using a broiler (don’t have a grill) to make our kabobs.

    • Denice says:

      Some storm, did you get the sand storm that hit Mesa? Also good pictures of Brett.

      • Giggles says:

        We got the storm that hit Phoenix, but it was still rain when it came through us. Lots of heavy rain and gusts up to 80mph. The rain stopped after blowing through here but the wind kept going. That was a scary looking storm on Tuesday.

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