Monthly Archives: December 2009

The messages of the season

Categories: Gospel

Those are the messages of this season. They are the messages the angels brought and shared with shepherds. And they are the messages for us today. Keep reading

Because I’m worth it!

Categories: Life

I really am worth the “finer” things in life. Keep reading

Top 10 of 2009

Categories: Family, Meme, Musings, Relationships

Time Magazine did a The Top 10 of Everything of 2009. And they certainly did get everything. And it got me thinking. If I were to make a bunch of “top 10” lists for my year, what kind of lists would I have and what would be on them? … Keep reading

Big run. Small thoughts

Categories: Exercise, Random

From the marathon… stupid head wind, and the blister that ate my toe. Keep reading

The government says so

Categories: Family

I’m going to say that was a big hit with reality this morning for me. Keep reading

We have a time line!

Categories: Education

The joke is that you just don’t ask a Doctoral student how much longer they have. Because honestly, we generally have no idea. Keep reading

Baby it’s cold outside

Categories: Happy Things, Life

An odd blessing to count: If the heater in your house doesn’t work, at least you can live in Tucson. Keep reading