Because I’m worth it!

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In the last month I have gotten married, run a marathon, and finished another semester of graduate school.


So this afternoon I went and got an hour and a half massage. Brett said I’m worth it.42D

He also agreed that I’m worth the price of the good quality toilet paper.

I really am worth the “finer” things in life. 😉

4 shared thoughts about Because I’m worth it!

  1. Mom says:

    Yes you are 😀

  2. Giggle

    :book: :computer: :snow: :sun:

    These four? :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow:

    That’s my weekend thus far.

  3. Miss Giggles says:

    I’ve heard about your :snow: up there.

    We’ve had a lot of :sun: here. But then we also live where there are a lot of :cactus: . :cactus: look interesting when they have :snow: on them though.

    My hand held :computer: screen stopped working last week. The touch screen no longer responds to touch. I wonder if I’m worth or need a new one.

  4. Giggle

    I do have my new :computer: to keep me company, but not really until my friend helps me set it up. I could do the basics, of course, but we plan on making it really shiny. For I watch movies and :book: and use my old :computer: . It’s a nice little vacation and the :snow: sure looks pretty in the :sun: .


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