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2009 Injury Report (and a few random things)

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It’s official. I have been injured in 2009 (Already? & E ao que sofre dores), and while it is a stupid injury, I did it good. After three weeks of my thumb hurting, and in some senses it almost seemed … Keep reading

Being political

Categories: Education, Politics

I have never been to a political rally before. It was quite interesting. There were roughly 2,000 people there. Most were wearing black. Most were students at the three state universities. As I walked from my car to the rally … Keep reading

A priceless education

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I am of the opinion that education is priceless. Unfortunately, I seem to be living in a state that thinks you can put a price on education, and that you can then sell it at the dollar store because it’s … Keep reading


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It seems like my list of ways to annoy a single person is always growing. I want to talk about one thing people often say. Some might say they are well-meaning people. But I think well-meaning people would think about … Keep reading

Successful teaching

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An interesting question was raised in one of my classes this week. The professor asked who in the room had ever had a calculus class. A handful of us raised our hands. I had it in both high school and … Keep reading

My name is…

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I read recently an article about nicknames (What’s in a nickname – BBC). It is interesting to think about how they come to be and who uses them. So I’m going to think about it here for a minute. I … Keep reading

An “Historic” Day

Categories: Politics

I watched the inauguration stuff today because I needed to analyze the speech in terms of motivation for a class. I have to admit, I didn’t feel the overwhelming sense of history about this day. Part of that is that … Keep reading