An “Historic” Day

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I watched the inauguration stuff today because I needed to analyze the speech in terms of motivation for a class.

I have to admit, I didn’t feel the overwhelming sense of history about this day. Part of that is that I really don’t remember any other inauguration in the past. We’ve had other presidents before this one. We’ll have other ones after this one. The economy is going to suck for a long time still. Half the world will probably hate us till the world ends.

As long as this country continues to make such a big deal about a person’s race, race will be an issue and problem in this country. Making such a big deal about race does not solve the problem. When the story is about a person being elected rather than a black person being elected, then race won’t be an issue. Our country still has long way to go.

It was highly irreverant of me, but both the invocation and benediction made me laugh and go “huh?” Those were some slightly odd “speeches.” And the last one just emphasized how deeply race issues are still a problem in this country.

The arrangement by John Williams was amazing, but then it’s really hard to go wrong with him. It was a fun complicated arrangement of “Simple Gifts.”

And the poetry reading! It’s poetry readings like that one that make people think poetry is boring. I’ll have to read the poem elsewhere to decide if it is a good poem or not, but the reading was BAD.

I think maybe they should have rehearsed the oath a bit more.

The speech. It was, interesting. It did not move me to tears. It didn’t pull on my heart strings. It was an interesting speech. And it will be interesting to see just what exactly happens in the next four years.

6 shared thoughts about An “Historic” Day

  1. Pays says:

    I still can’t get over Aretha Franklin’s hat!!! That was something no one will ever forget.

  2. Miss Giggles says:

    The bow was as big as her head!! But she pulled it off. I could never get away with a hat like that.

  3. Miss Giggles says:

    Look! You can now buy the hat for your very own, or at least the next best thing.

    Requests for Aretha’s custom hat

    Do you think they do it in a different color? I could maybe pull it off with a satin ribbon instead of a sculpted sparkly ribbon.

  4. Pays says:

    I can just see myself now….walking into the grocery store, with two kids in tow and sporting that hat!! I would be the hit of the grocery store.

  5. Miss Giggles says:

    It would make grocery shopping more of an experience and an outing than just something to cross off the to-do list, that’s for sure.

    Maybe you could get it for Mother’s Day.

  6. Miss Giggles says:

    My mom found another story about the HAT.

    Smithsonian wants Aretha Franklin’s hat

    When we went to the Smithsonian when I was in high school I started out looking at the First Lady stuff, got lost in the war of 1812, and ended up in the women’s movement. That history stuff can be confusing sometimes. 😀


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