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Every time I watch diving I think, and sometimes say, the line from the movie Peter Pan – “No splash!” And I try to say it like a not so intelligent pirate too.

One of my students from last semester, Joel Greenshields, was on the Canada men’s 4x100m freestyle relay. I’ve taught an Olympic athlete! That was an amazing, tense race too! Five teams came in under the previous world record. There have been so many records broken in swimming so far. Canada came in sixth. I saw Greenshields on tv before the start of the race and was cheering for Canada to do well.


I am my mother’s child. Men’s gymnastics was incredible tonight! When the US team was on the high bar I was making loud gasp noises, like my mom does, when they’d let go of the bar and do their twists and flips and stuff. Artemev, just for his routine on the pommel horse, is my favorite US men’s gymnast.

As for the quilt, I did about 50 inches of a 6 inch border with a 2 inch lattice today. I’m almost done with all the available blue border before I’d have to roll up the side I’m working on and unroll the part that’s rolled right now. I’m going to start working on the spools in the middle soon.

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  1. Giggle

    I liked Horton and Hagerty myself. They look like fun guys, that, in some ways remind me of Shamy – small, yet muscular. I was slightly amused by their surprisingly high voices.

    I’ve been going to bed way too late this week. Darn you Olympic games!

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