Olympics and more quilting.

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Thoughts watching the Olympics Saturday night:

  • Artemev’s pommel horse last night elicited an audible “Wow!” from me. I didn’t need the commentators to know that his routine was amazing.
  • I find myself correcting the commentators every time they mispronounce a Brazilian name.
  • I like the Visa commercials with Morgan Freeman narrating.
  • Yup. I was cheering for Park from Korea in the 400m freestyle.
  • I love when they show the parents of the athletes in the stands, because nobody does anything like that all on their own.
  • Commentator comment while a Chinese gymnast was on the rings – “That right there (what you are seeing happen), that’s impossible.”
  • No, Brett, I’m not just going to find a nice spot to tie it off and call the quilt done. I’m going to quilt the whole thing.42D

I have heard several people say that they think the Olympics are boring. Boring? How can watching people do things that you could never imagine doing in your dreams be boring? The feats these people are doing are absolutely amazing. It’s a wonderful display of the miracle that is the human body.

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  1. Giggle

    I think life would be better if more things were narrated by Morgan Freeman.

  2. emeth_veneeman says:

    I don’t think the wording was as unfortunate as it was earlier this summer when a CNN reporter was interviewing a family whose house had been washed away by the floods in the Midwest and asked, “has it really sunk in yet?”

    Oh, and I heard on O’Reilly today that it’s 12-13,000 calories. But who’s counting?


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