Tuesday Night at the Olympics

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Tonight you get Olympic commentary from Amanda and I as we “watched” them together via the internet. We watched them on the TV and chatted on the internet. And since she’s on the East coast, she is two hours ahead of me. She did a real good job of not spoiling anything for me.

Lisa: Olympics are just starting for me here, so don’t give anything away. πŸ™‚
Amanda: They do a spotlight about pandas! Sorry. That was too exciting to not share.
Lisa: I saw one just before a commercial break yesterday and I thought of you.
Amanda: yay! Other than that, I’ve seen one volleyball match and a thing about Michael Phelps‘ schedule. It’s crazy!
Lisa: The news here just talked about what he eats.
Amanda: Lots o’ food, basically
Lisa: 8000-10000 calories a day
Amanda: I think I eat that in a week.
Lisa: The recommended daily allowance on the box of Cheerios says it’s for a 2000 calorie diet. So yup, you probably do eat about that in a week, maybe a little more. That’s why you see a lot of real real fat former athletes. Because they keep eating like that when they quit the sport.
Amanda: That’s a lot of food. I can’t imagine eating like that if I’m not working out that hard

Lisa: Wow! Those divers hit the water at 35mph!
Amanda: I know! Crazy!
Lisa: That’s the speed limit on part of my street.
Amanda: Very fast for a human being. I like that dude’s goggles. [/random]

Amanda: “They have a curious strategy. They’re not blocking.” And later: “You have to get up to the net in this day and age. Maybe you could do that in the Paleozoic age, but not now”
Lisa: Badly worded comment from commentator during USA men’s volleyball game last night after just giving an update on the mother-in-law of the coach who was stabbed and her husband who was killed – “That’s a good kill”
Amanda: Oog. That IS the right terminology, but still.
Lisa: It is. But that was very bad timing.

Lisa: Was there beach volleyball during the Paleozoic age? What kind of random thing are they thinking that that came to mind?
Amanda: I have no idea. My roommates and I just laughed.
Lisa: I’m going to start saying that more. “Maybe you could do that in the Paleozoic age, but not now.”
Amanda: lol do it
Lisa: I’m sure it could apply to all different situations. (now watching synchronized diving, the team from Mexico) “uno, dos, ariba” I understand that.
Amanda: I understood the Canadians too, who do it in French. “Une, deux, trois”

Lisa: I want a pretty Chinese fan.

Amanda: The Romanians look like Rainbow Brite.

Lisa: I liked the interview with Micheal Phelp’s mom.
Amanda: Me too! She’s cute.
Lisa: I liked it when the interviewer said that when the race started she grabbed his knee and started screaming “Go Michael!” and he was thinking “hurry Michael” as her hand got tighter and tighter.
Amanda: heh

Lisa: Men’s beach volleyball now
Amanda: yay! You’ll hear the Paleozoic comment!
Lisa: We need to illustrate that with trilobites playing beach volleyball
Amanda: hehe I like it!

Lisa: Did you see the commercial for the laptop with the sumo wrestlers?
Amanda: Yes.
Lisa: That one cracks me up
Amanda: Definitely. But some of the commercials are getting old, like the United ones. I like that there are enough Visa ones to not get obnoxious.
Lisa: They are different every time.
Amanda: Yep. Except the Michael Phelps one about being part fish. I could watch that one over and over.
Lisa: I like the “Go World” ones. They tear me up.
Amanda: Yes indeed.
Lisa: There’s the blocking comment.
Amanda: πŸ™‚
Lisa: There’s the Paleozoic era
Amanda: Isn’t it just totally random?
Lisa: It really was

Amanda: Okay. What I’m watching right now is really cool.
Lisa: Gymanstics or swimming?
Amanda: Swimming

Lisa: Here’s the Panda thing. My parents went to the reserve. “Building up hind legs leads to satisfactory love making” (comment by the commentator about pandas)
Amanda: hehe

Lisa: Michael’s schedule
Amanda: So crazy.
Lisa: His two finals are an hour apart?!?
Amanda: Yep
Lisa: You’ve already seen them both.
Amanda: Yes. But I’ve been very good and haven’t said anything. πŸ™‚ That gives away anything
Lisa: Yes you have.
Amanda: That gives away anything.

Lisa: Men’s 100m freestyle – well that record didn’t last long.
Amanda: πŸ™‚
Lisa: I’ve never understood why Australia uses yellow swim caps
Amanda: I don’t know either, but they are easy to follow.

Lisa: Phelps is swimming
Amanda: yay!
Lisa: His strokes are slower than the guy in the first lane, but they must be stronger because he passed him. Holllly smoookE!!!
Amanda: Right!?
Amanda: The fly right?
Lisa: Thinking back to how I breathed during the marathon, I have no idea how they get enough oxygen to do that. The individual, yes. The relay is in an hour.
Amanda: Sweet. Yeah. I get out of breath within 25 yards of swimming laps
Lisa: Look at the coach just twitch and then raise his eyebrows.
Amanda: From an interview (that I just watched), apparently his goggles filled up with water. during the individual race which is why he tore them off so quickly at the end
Lisa: Not cool.
Amanda: Bob Costas – So, if you were wondering if he can do it with his eyes closed, the answer is yes.
Lisa: Bob and the other guy are just funny.
Amanda: Agreed.
Lisa: Listening to them talk about the outfits at the Parade of Nations would’ve driven Heidi crazy though.
Amanda: Probably πŸ™‚
Lisa: How’s that for being prepared? First commercial break after Phelps wins more gold medals than anyone ever and Visa already had a commercial congratulating him on it.
Amanda: I know! With Morgan Freeman πŸ™‚
Lisa: It was good though. Yes. With Morgan Freeman.

Lisa: My mom likes the Chinese women’s gymnastics outfits, and had to comment on all their different colors of eye shadow on Sunday.
Amanda: They are very shiny. The faces
Lisa: I want to wear face glitter like that. Maybe I will tomorrow. No, I’ll do it at Alisa’s birthday party Saturday.
Amanda: Have you seen the Romanian uniforms tonight yet? Yay face glitter!
Lisa: Not yet. Gymnastics just started.
Amanda: Okay.
Lisa: I seem to recall them looking like that last time though too.
Amanda: Definitely channeling Rainbow Brite
Lisa: Speaking of channeling. Have you ever read the book “Skippyjon Jones“?
Amanda: Nope
Lisa: It’s adorable. When you read it, you have to picture my sister channeling a real old Mexican man though.

Lisa: The US team has different outfits from Sunday.
Amanda: Yep
Lisa: I like these more.
Amanda: I do too

Lisa: Romania has been more rainbow-y in the past.

Lisa: Crap.
Amanda: ?
Lisa: Deseretnews already has the results on their site. I KNEW I shouldn’t have checked my reader.
Amanda: Silly Lisa
Lisa: I figured I’d be safe. Utah is still watching it too. You’d think the Utah papers wouldn’t be reporting it till after it airs there. I was able to check the BBC and was fine.
Amanda: Well, it’s not like you can be surprised about certain events. It’ll still be amazing to watch.

Amanda: πŸ™‚ ok. bed time. I’ve stayed up far too late
Lisa: Night.
Amanda: Night
Lisa: Your wow thing is coming up soon.
Amanda: Yay! Enjoy! We’ll talk about it tomorrow πŸ™‚
Lisa: okay. I need to go quilt anyway.
Amanda: Good plan! And break!

Me watching the men’s 4x200m freestyle relay after Amanda logged off – Dang! Dang!… Dang!

And I found a blog of a marathoner – RunZuzanaRun

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  1. emeth_veneeman says:
    1 person giggled

    I’m not sure how my comments to your blog always end up under the wrong entry, but they do.

  2. emeth_veneeman says:
    1 person giggled

    Which reminds me — just tie it off and call it done already!

  3. Miss Giggles says:
    1 person giggled

    πŸ˜€ Amanda, remembering this conversation oh so long ago, actually got me a pretty Chinese fan! It came in the mail today. It has pandas on it, which is appropriate. And it’s made in China too.

    Now for the Chinese kite and the Chinese cone hat.

  4. Giggle

    I actually got the fan for you during the Olympics. It might have even been that same week.

    It was the remembering to mail it that I failed at. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like it!

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