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Toddlers: a macro-quantum particle

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My understanding of quantum physics is limited to some books written for the general public on the subject, several NOVA episodes, and articles in Scientific American. However, I would like to propose that toddlers are in effect a macro-quantum particle. Keep reading

Out of town. Out of touch.

Categories: Featured, Life, Science & Tech

Remember when you went out of town and people couldn’t get a hold of you? … The world went right on spinning without me checking how it was doing every 20 minutes. … It didn’t matter that I spent our vacation vacationing. Keep reading

The meaning of “mom”

Categories: Family, Featured

We’ve been watching for a while to see what Iddo’s first word would be. She loves to jabber and tell exciting animated stories. Unfortunately we don’t understand any of it. … Mom does not mean female parent for her. Keep reading

Groundhog Day, Observed

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I feel like I’m living in Groundhog Day. … At least I can take comfort that it feels more like I’m learning to play the piano and changing the tires on old ladies’ cars rather than driving off a cliff with a stolen groundhog riding shot gun. Keep reading

No touchy!

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It’s rude to reach across a table for the salt. Why is it not even more rude to reach across the table to touch someone on the head? Keep reading

The comforting power of touch

Categories: Family, Featured, Musings, Relationships

It almost seems like we are born knowing that when someone holds your hand they care about you. All she needs, all any of us need, is a gentle reminder that someone is there for us, that someone cares, that we are not alone. Keep reading

I’m a S.W.A.M.

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My plans for my degree have been to be a scholar. … I spend my day observing a small case study of all the learning and child development theories I’ve spent over a decade studying (ie, I spend the day playing with my daughter). Keep reading