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Is there a word for that?

Categories: Random

As I’ve learned more about languages, and more languages, I’ve realized that while there may be a word for every aspect of the human experience, those words aren’t all in the same language. Keep reading

Self-esteem is a myth

Categories: Books, Gospel, Musings

Self-esteem is an illusive mirage in front of us we will never arrive at. It is a bubble that will burst at the slightest disturbance. Keep reading

November means…

Categories: Family, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

I am grateful for parents who nurtured, encouraged, and celebrated our imagination and creativity. And I’m grateful that Brett, while he rarely knows exactly what it is I’m talking about or how something will turn out, gives me free reign to try it anyway. Keep reading

Four year photos and a magic cube

Categories: How To

We have at least one photo of us for every month we’ve been married. We both agreed we should do something with all of them. We’ve definitely enjoyed fiddling with it and seeing the photos somewhere other than just on my computer screen. Keep reading


Categories: Happy Things

There are certain items I believe are worth spending the money on for a name brand and that I am very particular about. Toilet paper, crayons, … Keep reading

X marks the spot

Categories: Family

When I first thought of a post for X I was thinking about how they put a big X on pirate treasure maps to mark where the treasure is. If I were to put a big X on a map to mark where my treasure is, it would be an X over our house. Keep reading

Well said

Categories: Gospel

While these women are describing their experiences on a global scale, they are also describe my experiences at my small, local level. I appreciate what they say and certainly appreciate the opportunities I have for growth, leadership, and blessings as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Keep reading