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Full Time

Categories: Family, Work

A full-time job is something you do 40 hours out of the week. … Parenting is not a full-time job. Keep reading

You are probably a feminist (and that isn’t a bad thing)

Categories: Musings

Life is a messy spectrum and I have no internal conflict being a bare-foot feminist with a baby and a PhD, whipping up dinner in the kitchen for my husband while quilt blocks cover the kitchen table. Keep reading

Defense of Marriage Acts

Categories: Family, Relationships

In our own home we do several acts to defend our marriage. … We say “I love you.” We say it a lot. And we mean it. … What acts do you do to defend marriage and the family? Keep reading

Ten Years

Categories: Happy Things, Science & Tech

I remember when ten years seemed like a long time… Ten years ago I was starting my second year as a computer teacher. Ten years ago yesterday I started a website called Miss Giggles. Keep reading

Light and Hope

Categories: Family, Health, Infertility

Today I remember our son. … Tonight I will light a candle for him, and all the others who left too soon, as part of a wave of light across the globe. Keep reading

How I met our daughter (the first time)

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Infertility

The doctor appointment was at 9am one year ago today. I dressed with care, knowing it was silly to think of this as the first impression I’d make on our potential child, but still wanting to dress special for the possible special occasion this would be. Keep reading

Up-Goer Five

Categories: Challenges, Life

Showing the power of precise language. Can you explain what you do using only the 1,000 most common words in the English language? Keep reading