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The best of 2013

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As I was thinking back over 2013 it seemed there were really only 2 “top stories,” and we mentioned those in our Christmas letter, so making a bigger list seemed silly. But I think I can still pull out 13 “top stories” for the year. Here we go: Keep reading

Happy Christmas

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I look forward to seeing many more Christmases through the eyes of our child. She has already taught me the wondrous miracle each new day is as she wakes each morning in amazement of the new day. The joy and light she brings to our lives is a small representation of the joy and light Christ, whose birth we celebrate today, brings to my life. Keep reading

Give. Remember. Seek.

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During a season when it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how much we think we need to be doing, it’s important to give thanks, remember the reason we are celebrating, and seek to have not just the spirit of Christmas, but the Spirit of Christ. Keep reading


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My daughter, the other direction on my family tree, will not know my grandparents in this life. But she can know their legacy. Keep reading

Baby paraphernalia six months in

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These are some of our favorite baby items that she enjoys or that make things easier for us. Keep reading

Soda Can Carolers

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We rinsed out the cans and smashed them, keeping the best looking smashed ones. … Last night I finally used a glue gun to give them eyes, noses, and little pompoms on their hats and put them together as a wreath. Keep reading