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There are certain items I believe are worth spending the money on for a name brand and that I am very particular about. Toilet paper is definitely worth it. That is not something you should skimp on.

I’m very particular about my art supplies. My crayons, markers, water colors, colored pencils, are all Crayola. The quality is so much better than other crayons. I love the variety of colors. I love the smell. I love how they look all arranged with their fresh tips in the box.

Back in May, to celebrate their 110th anniversary, Crayola offered a commemorative box of 8 crayons with the original box design. I, of course, bought one. I used the excuse that it was Iddo’s first box of crayons. Of course I admitted I’d need to get her another box she could actually use as well since this box is a collectable.

Last week a box arrived for me in the mail. It had Crayola as the return address. It smelled like new crayons. I couldn’t remember ordering anything from Crayola so I was a little confused as to why I was getting a box from them. My parents had indicated that they’d ordered some Christmas presents for Iddo and they would be arriving soon, but said they hadn’t ordered her anything from Crayola (yet).

I opened the package and inside was a brand new box of 64 crayons. Free! Just for me. The enclosed letter indicated it was a thank you for making the commemorative box earlier this year such a success. The excitement I felt at a new box of crayons was immense.

So many beautiful colors!

What should we color first?

What is your favorite Crayola color?

5 shared thoughts about Colors!

  1. mama g says:

    Iddo should color more pictures for both sets of Grandparents. Please use Robin’s Egg Blue for Grandma G. 🙂

  2. Whitney says:

    So neat, I love to color and yes Crayola is the best!

  3. Brett says:

    I thought Crayola had a monopoly in the crayon market. :brett:

  4. Giggle

    That is SO. Cool.


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