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My grandpa served in WWII. And made it home. Keep reading

Thursday morning inspiration

Categories: Gospel

Because it’s football. Because it’s Arizona. And because it’s inspirational. … Watch this video. Keep reading

Don’t Panic

Categories: Musings

It’s a pretty good life philosophy. Right up there with my motto for years, “Don’t get hit by cars.” It kind of matches the wisdom we saw on a sign at California Adventure, “Smile when you scream!” Keep reading

Here Comes Summer

Categories: Family, Food, Happy Things, Questions

Preparing to grill hamburgers, play cornhole, and make homemade ice cream. We just need homemade ice cream recipes. Keep reading

Things I learned this week

Categories: Education, Learn Something, Questions, Work

Kinkos. Lawyers. Phlebotomists. Bubonic Plague. Maryland. Garages. Favicons. Keep reading

Joy is a reason

Categories: Family, Folks, Happy Things, Musings, Old Jeans, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

The Creator of the plan of happiness is also the Creator of all the beauty we see around us. I’ve had several occasions to wonder if something was created simply for the joy and beauty of it. Keep reading

Gardener Appreciation Day

Categories: Happy Things

Every year I put together a family calendar with birthdays and such on it. And that “such” would be holidays, many of them random and not on normal calendars. Keep reading