Gardener Appreciation Day

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Every year I put together a family calendar with birthdays and such on it. And that “such” would be holidays, many of them random and not on normal calendars. I get most of them from Holiday Insights. For example, yesterday was “Love a Tree Day” and tomorrow is “International Museum Day.” Definitely days worth celebrating.

Because I do celebrate some rather odd holidays, Brett once asked me if the dinner we were having was in honor of some kind of berry holiday. Can’t a girl cook a steak dinner with a raspberry sauce and a spinach and strawberry salad and a cheese cake with berry topping for dessert just because it sounds good? Although that would be the perfect dinner for some kind of berry holiday. :lightbulb:

But all of that is probably why I laughed at today’s Rose is Rose comic.

Rose Is Rose

I love Rose is Rose.

One shared thought about Gardener Appreciation Day

  1. Brett says:

    (Read the following with a slow sinister barely-recognizable Baltic-/American-accent hybrid)

    “Light bulb!”



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