Monthly Archives: April 2011

What’s in Canada?

Categories: Random

The mailman gestured towards it and asked me, “What’s in Canada?” … So now it’s your turn to answer the question, “What’s in Canada?” Ready. Go! Keep reading

Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

Categories: Random

My ancestral heritage is British (I wanted to put Anglo-Saxon on the census last year but Brett wouldn’t let me). So I figure that lets me care a little about this. Plus, British people are rather fun to watch. Keep reading

Ooooohhh Mmmmyyy!

Categories: Happy Things

Just watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 trailer. I’ll wait while you watch it. Keep reading

Come, see

Categories: Gospel

It is amazing how light the world is before the sun even comes over the horizon. … Come, find the light He offers, and truly see. Keep reading

A clean linen

Categories: Family, Gospel

It was a way for both of my grandmas to be with us at our wedding. Although I’m sure they were there in other ways as well. Keep reading

Held his peace

Categories: Education, Gospel, Life

And then I mention how much is communicated with silence. At which point in the lesson I stop talking. Keep reading

Not as I will

Categories: Gospel

Prayer will never change God. Prayer is meant to change me. … Praying regularly helps to change my will to match His. Keep reading