Here Comes Summer

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Who are we kidding? Summer is already here. We haven’t stayed consistently in the 90s, but we’ve been up there since the end of March. The forecast right now is for 99s this weekend. Technically the first day of Summer is not until the Summer Solstice in June, and by then we’ll definitely be in the 100s. However Memorial Day weekend is also a good unofficial start to summer.

This coming weekend we’ll be making hamburgers and hopefully grilling them at our new fire pit. We make our own patties and really like the southwest hamburger recipe in my BH&G cook book. They use salsa instead of milk. I’m wondering how they’d taste with a peach & pineapple salsa. Although the chipotle salsa we get is real good too.

We’re also going to practice our Cornhole skills. Gotta practice for the next Giles get together. We figured we have room along the side of the house to set up our boards. Or we can put them out in front of the house. In front of the house would probably annoy the chihuahua next door less.

Homemade ice cream also seems like a real good idea for the coming weekend. But we need some recipes. So what are your favorite recipes for homemade ice cream?

And one of these days I am going to figure out how to put up my hammock in our backyard.

5 shared thoughts about Here Comes Summer

  1. Elsewhere says:

    You need a bigger back yard in order to do all of that at the same time.

    • Giggles says:

      Cornhole is a front yard activity. The rest will fit in our backyard.

      • Elsewhere says:

        Males playing cornhole in the front yard have to take their shirt off. It is an Indiana tradition. Actually any respectable Hoosier will have their shirt off performing any activity in the front yard.

  2. Brett says:

    One of the purposes of my existence is to annoy the chihuahua next door. The other one of my purposes is to try to make friends with her. It’s a complicated relationship. :brett:


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