Monthly Archives: August 2009

Random? Scattered is more like it.

Categories: Education, Family, Life

If I could sit still long enough I’m sure I could gather my thoughts, but it just isn’t happening. Keep reading

Input needed

Categories: Science & Tech

Vote on what we should call our new website. Keep reading

Baby elephant!!

Categories: Happy Things

Things can’t be all that bad in the world if there’s one more baby elephant. Keep reading

The “What if…” game

Categories: Life, Musings, Relationships

Wonder how your life would be different with some big changes? What about the small ones? Keep reading

What a date!

Categories: Random

Doesn’t get much cooler than this. Keep reading

And some people are stupid

Categories: Books, Family, Politics, Venting

and say stupid things… Keep reading

Wanted: One desk

Categories: Education, Health, Science & Tech, Work

Typing is a pain in the arm… Keep reading