Monthly Archives: August 2013

I’m a S.W.A.M.

Categories: Education, Family, Featured, Life, Musings, Work

My plans for my degree have been to be a scholar. … I spend my day observing a small case study of all the learning and child development theories I’ve spent over a decade studying (ie, I spend the day playing with my daughter). Keep reading

Virtual Demolition Derby

Categories: Science & Tech

I view a lot of the internet as a type of virtual demolition derby. I rubber neck as I drive down the information super highway, staring at the wrecks happening on the side of the road, unable to turn away. Keep reading

Sacred Gardens

Categories: Gospel

I love to garden. A well kept garden is certainly a beautiful place. … When I think of the most important events in human history, I am struck at how many of them occurred in gardens. Keep reading

Wrapped in a quilt

Categories: Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

I’m the quilt lady. So of course my children will have personalized quilts from me. … I hope she loves it. Keep reading

What are you up to?

Categories: Family, Happy Things

Everyone I saw asked me what I was up to these days. Iddo was nestled in her wrap on my chest peacefully dozing. Each time I was asked I pointed to her and said she’s what I’m up to. Keep reading

Slow, but forward

Categories: Exercise

My last run, until yesterday, was a 4-miler on August 14th last year. … It took 27:21 to go those two miles, my slowest ever. But I ran every step. Keep reading

You’ve had a birthday!

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Life

It was my birthday two weeks ago. This is how we celebrated. Keep reading