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Olympics, don’t let them end

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Yes, I cheered out loud during the last leg of the women’s 4×400 relay. That last straight was just, wow! I didn’t think she could do it, but that was incredible. I cheered for the men’s marathon too. Gotta say … Keep reading

Olympics still going strong

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While we are getting me a Chinese fan and a Chinese kite, can we get me a Chinese cone hat too? Okay, running a 5K or a 10K on a track? That’s got to be one of the most boring … Keep reading

Olympics: The Victory Lap

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Run at a dead sprint for 1, 3, 6, 26.2 miles so that when you cross the finish line you collapse and sprawl out on the track like someone hit a whole bunch of flies with a fly swatter (Did … Keep reading

Olympic emotions

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Saturday night I watched Phelps win his eighth gold medal. It was memorable. It was history. But I really enjoyed watching the women’s marathon. No, I will never race at their level (the winner went about a 5:30 or so … Keep reading

Olympic moments

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Last night Michael Phelps won his seventh gold medal of the Beijing Olympics, tying the previous record for gold medals in a single Olympic game. And he has one more race to go. And while that moment was certainly memorable, … Keep reading

Wednesday & Thursday at the Olympics

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Beijing is 12 hours ahead of New York right now. That means when it is 8am in Beijing, it is 8pm in New York. So the New York prime time coverage is live. When looking at the schedule, that means … Keep reading

Tuesday Night at the Olympics

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Tonight you get Olympic commentary from Amanda and I as we “watched” them together via the internet. We watched them on the TV and chatted on the internet. And since she’s on the East coast, she is two hours ahead … Keep reading