Olympics: The Victory Lap

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Run at a dead sprint for 1, 3, 6, 26.2 miles so that when you cross the finish line you collapse and sprawl out on the track like someone hit a whole bunch of flies with a fly swatter (Did you see the men’s 400m last night!? They were all sprawled out on the ground just beyond the finish line). Then get up, weak, sweaty, and out of breath, and run around the track one more time, slower this time at least, carrying a flag behind you.

But that’s what runners and field athletes dream of. So somewhere inside you, probably in your heart because your legs don’t have anything else, you find something else to get you around one more time.

And if Kenya is doing that lap, I love watching it even more. If just one of them gets a medal, any medal, then each Kenyan in the race gets a flag and they do the victory lap together, because nobody does a race completely alone. That’s team work, if one succeeds, they all succeed.

The Deseret News Marathon used to run down the whole parade route. Now it is just a block. But that block was my victory lap. I started and finished a marathon that morning. That makes me victorious. All those people watching the parade did was sit on their backsides. 🙂

I think BMX racing is one of my new favorite Olympic sports. That’s some intense stuff there.

And I want a pretty Chinese kite to go with my pretty Chinese fan that I want.

On the baby quilt front – the first box arrived today, the baby did not. So that’s good. I’ve quilted the stars on the quilt. But as I’m looking at it I can’t decide if I want to do some free motion in them or not. I’ll sleep on it (the idea, not the quilt), and make a decision in the morning.

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  1. Miss Giggles says:

    It looks like Ethiopia takes the victory lap as a team too. I love that.


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