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By the end of this week I will be an aunt. I’m still not sure how I like the sound of that. But I’m excited for my nephew to be here. Several months ago my sister was helping a friend of hers make some receiving blankets. My brother-in-law commented to her that they looked real easy and she could make a bunch for their baby. My sister told him she didn’t need to because I was going to make blankets for their baby.

That’s my job in the family, I’m the blanket maker. And I’ve actually had to laugh at myself as I’ve found myself getting a bit defensive when I find out someone else has made a blanket for my nephew. I’m the blanket maker! Don’t they know that?

My sister was right though, I made a lot of blankets for the baby. My mom has one receiving blanket and four sets of bibs/burp rags to match it that she will bring to my sister when the baby is born. I mailed three more blankets with matching bibs and burp rags to my sister last Monday to make sure my nephew could come home from the hospital in a blanket I made him. And then I scrambled to finish his quilt. These are the three sets I mailed last week. I’ll have to see if my mom or sister can get a picture of the sets my mom has with her right now. I hope the kid likes ducks.

During the Olympics I worked on hand quilting my quilt, but I also took one week to cut, piece, and quilt Goobi’s quilt. I hope he likes frogs too. I love how this turned out. I got it in the mail Friday afternoon and mailed it priority. My sister got it yesterday. This is the quilt I had Brett oooo and aaaah over last week.42D

6 shared thoughts about Baby Blankets

  1. Giggle

    Pretty!! I needs me some patterns. 🙂

  2. Giggle

    Also, that smiley looks kind of devious to me.

  3. Mr. Me says:

    Nicely done!

    We’ve been inundated with frogs at our house. Younger son’s teacher is a frog FANATIC.

    So this is your first nibling?

  4. mom says:

    cute, cute, cute
    Love MOM

  5. Miss Giggles says:

    I made up that pattern. It’s what I do when I’m bored. And the patterns I do have are more suggestions than actual patterns.

    This will be my parents’ first grandkid. Should be exciting all around.

  6. Giggle

    Cool. I’ll keep that in mind!


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