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Leap Frog!

Categories: Life

Happy Leap Day! *ribbit*

Story People

Categories: Books, Happy Things, Musings

My friend Josh gave me the book Story People by Brian Andreas last year. I love it. It’s a book you can sit down and read for just a minute, or get lost in for a long time. I’ve decided … Keep reading


Categories: Questions, Relationships

My students have this assignment this week. I thought it would interesting to see what would happen if I asked my blog reading public the same question. They have to find two pictures, one of someone they think is attractive, … Keep reading

Tell a Fairy Tale

Categories: Books

Today is “Tell a Fairy Tale Day.” Tell a fairy tale to someone around you. Post a short one here. Post what your favorite fairy tale is. Celebrate fairies! I wonder if I’d have time to read Beauty by Robin … Keep reading

Chocolate Chips

Categories: Learn Something

There are very few places where chocolate chips are not a good thing. I think the drier might be one of them. But I would also have to say that they do not belong inside your printer.

And the Oscar goes to…

Categories: Learn Something, Meme

I have seen 22 of the 80 pictures that have won Best Picture. Eleven of them were made before I was born. I even own two of them, although there are a few more I would like to add to … Keep reading

Good night moon

Categories: Happy Things, Life

Tonight was a total lunar eclipse. And since I am fascinated with all things of a heavenly nature, I wanted to watch it. We went up the mountain a bit to get away from the city lights. It was beautiful. … Keep reading