Story People

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My friend Josh gave me the book Story People by Brian Andreas last year. I love it. It’s a book you can sit down and read for just a minute, or get lost in for a long time. I’ve decided to read it cover to cover. And keep a pencil handy. I’m marking the ones I like with a smile, heart, or star depending on why I like them. Maybe that will help me find them again when I’m flipping through it searching. Flipping through this book is worse than looking up words in a dictionary and getting side tracked by all the other fun words that are in there. It always took me so long to do my spelling homework in elementary school because I’d find all kinds of other words to look up other than the ones on the spelling list. Every time I go flipping through this book I find five other ones I like and can never find the exact one I was looking for. But maybe that’s for the best.

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