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I have seen 22 of the 80 pictures that have won Best Picture. Eleven of them were made before I was born. I even own two of them, although there are a few more I would like to add to that list, especially Chariots of Fire. For some reason I remember going to that movie in the theater, but I was two when it came out.

I managed to not see a single nominee for Best Picture this year though. I don’t really plan on seeing them later either. I just don’t see a lot of movies. Of the two movies I saw in the theater last year, only one of them was nominated for anything. I did see two other movies that were nominated for stuff after they came out on DVD though. And I hope to see another one that was nominated for some things later this week, in the theater even.

So why did I even watch the Oscars? I like looking at the pretty dresses. Although there were a few that really made me wonder what they were thinking when they picked that one.

Oh, and it seems to take me about two weeks to munch my way through a three pound bag of craisins.

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  1. admin says:

    Seems Mr. Me has turned this into a “tag, you’re it” kind of post. So I’ll list the ones I’ve seen and the ones I own.

    1930 – All Quiet on the Western Front – Saw it; want it; read the book even, it is an amazing book
    1939 – Gone With the Wind – Saw it, don’t need to see it again; read the book, don’t need to do that again either
    1943 – Casablanca – Saw it; didn’t get it, might be because I was younger.
    1956 – Around the World in Eighty Days – Saw it; I own the book, I should maybe read that
    1959 – Ben-Hur – Saw it
    1961 – West Side Story – Saw it; want it
    1964 – My Fair Lady – Saw it
    1965 – The Sound of Music – Saw it; own it on DVD
    1966 – A Man For All Seasons – Saw it
    1968 – Oliver! – Saw it
    1973 – The Sting – Saw it; would like to own it; I own this book too, maybe I should read that too
    1981 – Chariots of Fire – Saw it in the theater (I think); want it
    1984 – Amadeus – Saw it at BYU in the theater
    1988 – Rain Man – Saw it
    1989 – Driving Miss Daisy – Saw it in the theater
    1990 – Dances With Wolves – Saw it
    1993 – Schindler’s List – Saw it
    1994 – Forrest Gump – Saw it; want it
    1997 – Titanic – Saw it in the theater (oo la la baby!)
    2001 – A Beautiful Mind – Own it on DVD
    2002 – Chicago – Saw it
    2003 – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – Saw it in the theater; don’t need to see it again; probably won’t read the book either

    And the ones I’d still like to see:
    1962 – Lawrence of Arabia
    1970 – Patton
    1972 – The Godfather (just so I can know what everyone is talking about)
    1982 – Ghandi
    1986 – Platoon
    1987 – The Last Emperor

  2. admin says:

    I originally blogged about this because, seeing as how often I don’t get to the theater to see movies, I was surprised at how many I’d seen. It was kind of one of those “huh” moments in my life. Since then, however, I keep seeing this pop up in my friend’s blogs. And it cracks me up that I am basically responsible for it.

    I seriously hope this isn’t my legacy on this earth. I would hate to be remembered as the person who inspired the movie list blog.


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