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The Basics of Class Size – or – Why Vouchers Won’t Make a Difference

Categories: Education, Politics

I thought I’d explain a bit how class sizes work for those who might believe that commercial with the oreos the pro-voucher people made. Last year we had about 108 sixth grade students at our school. With that number we … Keep reading

Stop School Vouchers

Categories: Education, Politics

Somehow, the Utah legislature managed to pass a voucher law this year. Luckily, the whole thing is being put to a vote in November as Referendum 1. There are so many things wrong with the voucher law that it’s almost … Keep reading

Professional Lunch

Categories: Education, Random, Work

I received the following email last week. For some reason, it made me laugh. Dear Wasatch Front BYU Alumni, I would like to invite you to enroll in Take a Cougar to Lunch sponsored by BYU’s Student Alumni Association. This … Keep reading

Slow Down!!!

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Time is moving so very fast right now. This is the seventh week of school and we are already having parent teacher conferences tonight and tomorrow. The problem is I was expecting them to be tomorrow and Thursday. Oops. So … Keep reading