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Things that don’t exist are real.

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One of the photos in the news from National Geographic caught my attention this weekend. Apparently a bat that scientists were sure didn’t exist, actually does. The title of the article is: “Nonexistent” Flying Bat Discovered. And that just made … Keep reading

Have I mentioned…

Categories: Exercise, Happy Things

Have I mentioned lately how much I love belly dancing? I really do. I started my third class tonight. I took my first one two years ago. And it was almost five years ago that I decided that belly dancing … Keep reading

New Look

Categories: Science & Tech

I’ve wanted more things on the sidebar of this blog for a while, like a way to find all the posts that I felt belonged in certain categories. That meant I had to find a theme that had that in … Keep reading

And now for the nervous waiting

Categories: Education

All of my application stuffs for the doctorate program at the University of Arizona are on their way. It should all be there before the end of this week. Unfortunately they won’t sit down to decide who they have room … Keep reading

My body clock

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Yesterday was BYU’s homecoming game, which I went to and enjoyed every minute of, including the rain that fell for most of the second half and had me resembling a drowned rat when I got home because I rode my … Keep reading

Thoughts about my blog

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From what I’ve read on other blogs, these lists of questions are called a meme, probably because they are about me. I pulled this one off of Laylabean‘s blog. 1. Do you promote your blog? Some. I tell people about … Keep reading

Ahoy, matey!

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In the book Frindle by Andrew Clements, a fifth grade boy decides to invent a new word. It becomes a struggle between the students who like using the new word, and the teachers who think the old words are just … Keep reading