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My response to things in the news.

News making me think

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Some recent news stories that made me think, some more deeply than others. Keep reading

News items that caught my eye

Categories: Learn Something, News, Science & Tech

Hydration levels. Giant ring around a gas giant. Giant rockets. Gravity and quantum cats. Intelligent infants. Keep reading

Fun in the news

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So the first three articles are a few months old, but I’ve been a bit busy lately. And I still think they are worth sharing – astronauts, playing, teaching, voice mails, and helicopters. Keep reading

Books. Measles. Enjoyment.

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What do books, measles, and enjoyment have in common? Not much except I’ve read some interesting things about all of them recently. Keep reading

It was a good week for my news feed

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I learned several interesting things this week about gratitude, dinosaurs, and cancer as I skimmed through the headlines in my news feed and elsewhere. Keep reading

Learning in the womb

Categories: News, Science & Tech

It would be interesting to find out how many more babies learn before birth and just how many things we are learning clear from the get-go. Keep reading

They caught my attention

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Connection between music and language/reading. Old funny photos. Astronomy and vision. Strange science. Mindful challah for Rosh Hashana. Keep reading