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These articles all caught my attention as something interesting in the last week or so. I think if I were to subscribe to another magazine it would be Scientific American. Three of the five come from there.

Got Water? Most Kids, Teens Don’t Drink Enough – I’d believe it. Most adults probably don’t get enough either. We leave a water bottle out for Iddo all day long so she can get a drink whenever she wants. She’s probably better at it than I am actually. She’s just barely decided that juice is good stuff but she rarely gets any. It’s either water or milk at our place.

Saturn’s Newly Discovered Ring Dwarfs the Gas Giant – Space. It’s amazing. The sizes and distances they are talking about are just incredible. And that’s only in relation to one planet. Solar systems, galaxies, universes, are all so much bigger.

Scientific American Asks Neil deGrasse Tyson Why He Has a Saturn 5 in His Office – Space again. And Neil deGrasse Tyson is cool. And that rocket is amazing. I need to go to Huntsville. And get a rocket for my office/desk.

Gravity Kills Schrödinger’s Cat – You’ve just got to love that cat. Gravity – it’s a real downer.

Infants Focus on the Familiar and the Phenomenal – I’m all for any research showing infants are smarter than we give them credit for. Because they are. I’m glad people are figuring out how to test that without the need for verbal language.

I think I’m going to go drink some more water now.

3 shared thoughts about News items that caught my eye

  1. Brett says:

    Will have to find time to read the articles later, but do you think Iddo would like that Pedialyte stuff now? Not that I’m recommending we buy another bottle to try it on her… :brett:

  2. Grandma says:

    I try to get enough water but I struggle with it. Interesting articles.

  3. Giggle

    I absolutely took a drink from the water bottle on my desk while reading this. 🙂


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