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My blogging frequency has really dropped off this year. I’ve found myself busy with several other projects and thought it was time I shared a few of them.

In December I knit these two little guys. They are a fun little pattern from Mochimochi Land and were perfect for what we needed them for at Christmas.

Two little snowmen

I had a lot of fun making two swaddle babies using a pattern from BeccaMarie Designs – Swaddle Babies Tutorial. I started with an 18 inch square half-square triangle of flannel, sewed it in half with a gap and then sewed the body area, stuffed the body and sealed it, and then used a decorative stitch to seal the hole in the blanket area. I used a medium plate for the pattern for the head. And I put a button on the back and a button hole on the corner so that the swaddle could be buttoned closed. They turned out great.

Two little swaddle babies.

I did a few other knitting projects too, some hats (pink hat project and blue hat project) and booties (pink shoes and blue shoes). And I sewed some little outfits and made some flannel blankets.

For an adorable little girl. For a handsome little boy.

The adorable little turtles were crocheted by my sister.

And I had my sister cut out some stencils in some freezer paper with her fancy cutter machine so I could paint up some shirts.

Sibling shirts

And the whole time I was working on all these projects we were also painting one of the rooms in our house and I was working on one other really big project, Ooh Shemo: Officially Announcing….

Getting the room ready. Barefoot in the kitchen

We’ve got a lot more projects going on at our house now. And couldn’t be happier. More well rested, yes. But not happier.

8 shared thoughts about Some of my latest projects

  1. HeidiAphrodite says:

    Hooray for projects and happiness!

  2. Brett says:

    Did you happen to notice that many of your projects came in pairs? I think you had a subconscious premonition, or something. :brett:

  3. Denicend says:

    Your creativity amazes me!

  4. Giggle

    Love them all! I should do stuff with my fancy paper cutting machine. Anything really. I’ve barely touched it since I got it for Christmas a few years ago.


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