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Smart kid

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None of the five things to help give kids a leg up in education requires a lot of money or materials. They just require a little bit of time and a tiny bit of know-how. Keep reading

At the beginning

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I still remember the day when I was tutoring one of my early morning math students and it finally clicked for him. Multiplication was not his thing. … One morning he turned to me and asked if there wasn’t an easier way. Keep reading

How to help the earth

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Today I saw this delightful clip of Neil deGrasse Tyson telling a 6-year-old what she can do to help the earth. I hope we’re helping Iddo help the earth in this way. Keep reading


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Doing vocabulary assignments in school always took me forever because I always got distracted by all the other real cool words in the dictionary. One word I learned recently is “philology.” I should use it more in my life. Keep reading

Let’s play!

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I remember way back when we had a morning recess, an afternoon recess, an hour for lunch, and weekly PE. … So it’s been with no surprise that I’ve read a recent string of articles on the internet about how study after study is showing how important and beneficial play and movement are, and not just for children either. Keep reading

They caught my attention

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Connection between music and language/reading. Old funny photos. Astronomy and vision. Strange science. Mindful challah for Rosh Hashana. Keep reading

(Not) Licensed to Teach

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At the close of business hours this past Monday my teaching license expired. I was a licensed teacher for just over 12 years, a full third of my life currently. … Here’s to the next chapter in my life, a life unfettered by licenses. Keep reading