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For some must push…

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I grew up running with my dad, starting long before I could run myself. Shortly after I turned 2 I was in the newspaper for the first time, although indirectly. … Thirty-two years later I couldn’t have been more proud to see this in the digital edition of the Deseret News … Keep reading


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While I might no longer be self-sufficient, I’m also no longer a self. I’m an us, a family. And as a family we are sufficient. As a family, as an us, I do not have to do everything because there are more of us to take care of everything. Keep reading

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

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You’d think we’d keep track of deadly viruses better. Could north and south switch in our life time? When I go to Wales I want to see this tree. Why I’m against any form of cry-it-out for our children. Keep reading

Always something to say

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The secret to enjoying exercise. Not letting things disable you. Heat. When the students know more than the teachers (or really the politicians). Learning a language. An American hero. Keep reading