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Out of town. Out of touch.

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Remember when you went out of town and people couldn’t get a hold of you? … The world went right on spinning without me checking how it was doing every 20 minutes. … It didn’t matter that I spent our vacation vacationing. Keep reading

Commenting on the news

Categories: Education, Gospel, Learn Something, News

Teacher training. Astronomy. Vacations. The metric system. And gender equality in the Gospel. I am not silent nor silenced in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those who say otherwise lack understanding of the truth. Keep reading

The Friday before Father’s Day

Categories: Family, Infertility

The Friday before Father’s Day in 2012/2013 I left my doctor’s appointment and stopped at Target for a card … Keep reading

While Iddo napped…

Categories: Education, News

Lots of brain science. A little black death. Bad puns. Planetary Pluto and a deep Hubble view. Good old handwriting. And playing with babies. Keep reading

My running partner

Categories: Exercise

Just yesterday I was thinking about how this is the best running shape I have ever been in my entire life. … And I think it’s because I finally found a running partner I can really enjoy. Keep reading