Monthly Archives: March 2014

Riot culture?

Categories: Random

The local university basketball team lost Saturday night. And the locals held a small riot in response. … I don’t think the dean of students understands what the word culture means. Keep reading

Walk WITH Hope

Categories: Family, Infertility

Our infertility journey has not been easy. But with the support of our family and friends, with our faith, and with each other, we’ve been able to walk it with hope. And we’re going to keep walking. Keep reading

The wearing of the green, and the orange

Categories: Learn Something

I had a professor in college who explained where the tradition of wearing green on the 17th came from and why people pinch those who don’t. Ever since I have worn both green and orange. Keep reading

A blessing on the food

Categories: Food, Gospel, Happy Things

I started to wonder exactly why I was asking a blessing for the food. Just what kind of blessings does a plate of tacos I’m about to consume need? … This time I knew what blessings our food needed. Keep reading

You are a safety hazard

Categories: Exercise, Venting

To the woman taking a leisurely stroll along Rita Rd. this morning. I commend you for exercising. However, you are a safety hazard. Keep reading