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Then don’t ask for it!

Categories: Family, Health

I imagine the list of people giving unsolicited advice, as well as the topics they give advice on, is only going to grow as Iddo does. Keep reading

See your body as your temple

Categories: Gospel, Musings

The beauty of my body is not just what it looks like, but what it does and what it has been through. The greatest miracle we see each day is the one we see when we look in the mirror. Keep reading

до свидания – Do svidaniya – Goodbye

Categories: Olympics

The last events and the closing ceremonies. Keep reading

A little bit of everything at the Olympics

Categories: Olympics

Macho Russian men. Altitude issues. Medals ceremonies. Falling. The importance of family for the athletes. Women’s hockey in overtime! Ski cross. Perhaps ice line dancing? Keep reading

The colors of the Olympics

Categories: Olympics

Colorful pants. Colorful patchworks. Colorful characters. Keep reading

Olympics and then some

Categories: Olympics

Lucky losers. Olympic related commercials. Super suits. The curse of the favorites. High flying women. And don’t freak out. Keep reading

Over the weekend at the Olympics…

Categories: Olympics

For the first weekend of the Olympics I realized my favorite sports have changed. I used to love the figure skating. I’m assuming most people do because it dominates broadcasts. … Speaking of luge… Keep reading