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Olympic ringsMy new favorite sporting term comes from sprint cross-country skiing. For each heat the top two move on. And then they have the “lucky losers” who move on based on time. This is one of those events I have a hard time pulling myself away from as well.

I saw this commercial Tuesday afternoon while watching the Olympics and it made me smile:

And every time long track speed skating comes on, we quote parts of this scene from The Incredibles:

Brett has decided that being the favorite in an event is a curse. They keep falling down.

The women’s ski jump has been part of the Olympics for Iddo’s entire life. Which made me wonder if women have been running the marathon in the Olympics my whole life. Nope. Women weren’t allowed to run that far till the 1984 Olympics. Boston did officially let women run their race starting in 1972 though.

There’s a trick in the slopestyle skiing that involves “flying through the air without freaking out.” I can definitely see how that would be a trick. And one I would not be able to do well. Because the other part of the trick involves doing the not freaking out while you go backwards.

3 shared thoughts about Olympics and then some

  1. Denice says:

    It saddens me when they fall. They have worked so hard to get to the Olympics and then one fall can spoil their dreams.

  2. Mama g says:

    I have to stop drinking hot chocolate in a bowl while I am watching the snow boarding events . I keep spilling all over myself when some one falls. 😮

    • Giggles says:

      I probably shouldn’t watch freestyle skiing while Lauren is napping in my lap. Canada’s Travis Gerrits’ head-over-heels fall just woke her up a bit.


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