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Olympic ringsI’ve been watching the Today Show in the morning and they’ve had some Russian singers on every so often. It struck me Tuesday morning how “мужской” (macho) the Russian men are when they sing and dance. It’s a big show of bravado. All the movements are very large and exaggerated.

I had no idea altitude could have that much effect on how ice glides. Seems the US team forgot to train at sea level.

Prime time coverage leaves a lot to be desired in their limited coverage. For instance, I have only seen a single medals ceremony during prime time, the ice dancing one. But at least the two of them sang the whole song. Good for them.

It’s one thing when you make a mistake and are out of medal contention because of what you did. The thing that eats me up watching snowboard cross or short-track speed skating though is when one competitor falls and messes it up for others.

Speaking of falls, how are there not more falls during the team cross-country skiing events? That exchange area is just crazy with polls and skis and people. It’s amazing there aren’t more tangles.

I loved watching Meyer’s fiancé drive the bobsled with her from the stands. Bode wishing his daughter a happy birthday. And Ligety’s parents kissing when he won. Family is so key for these athletes, certainly not an “alternative” lifestyle. Here’s another piece on Olympic parents – Olympic-sized challenges: Parenting and competition meet at the 2014 Games

The women’s gold medal hockey match was exciting! Overtime! I just wish it would’ve gone the other way. The announcer said it best – they didn’t win silver, they lost gold. I’d cry too. I did really enjoy that the team captain would call a team huddle that excluded the coaching staff though. To me that shows a lot of leadership and team closeness.

Ski cross racer from Slovenia with the curled handlebar mustache – you have a style all your own. I thought Juell from Norway was never going to land on that jump. Fist bumps seem to the international “good race” sign for ski cross. No translator required. The bronze medalist falling across the finish line.

The figure skating commentators confuse me. On one hand they’re telling us how much they expect the teenagers to win. And then they turn around and say how wonderful the older skaters are because of the maturity they bring to their program. Brett wants to see individual ice dancing in four years. Perhaps ice line dancing.

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  1. mama g says:

    After watching all this I think that Dad needs more color and pattern in his pants. 😀

  2. Brett says:

    I didn’t realize you’d had such a busy couple of weeks. If I were to blog about the Olympics, I’d say “we’re really irritated with Norway but the chicken kiev tasted great!” :brett:


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