до свидания – Do svidaniya – Goodbye

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Olympic ringsThe men’s 50km mass start cross-country race – Almost 2 hours of cross-country skiing, reaching speeds of 45 mph some times. Crazy. And that poor guy whose ski broke there at the end. But he got a new ski and finished anyway, even though he’d lost the chance to win. The pile of bodies and skis at the finish line where they just dropped like flies as they finished was an amazing tribute to the effort they all made.

I love how they’ve used the projection screen for both the opening and closing ceremonies. I wish NBC would’ve used Vladimir to help commentate the opening ceremonies though. If you have a Russian specialist, get him to help explain all the Russian culture displayed!

The shimery water effect with the big sparkly sleeves – beautiful. And the chandelier during the ballet portion – absolutely magnificent!

The Russian national anthem reminds me a bit of a military drinking song.

One thing I noticed about the broadcast shows, not the cable ones (because we didn’t have cable) was it seemed they set them up and planned to showcase the US doing great. And then the US didn’t do that great at speed skating and wasn’t in the men’s gold medal hockey game. Oops. All but one of the Netherland’s 24 medals came from speed skating, and that one came from short track. They simply dominated that sport.

I loved the beauty of the preview from South Korea. I’m excited for those games in 2018.

It was interesting that they used a very similar way to extinguish the cauldron as they did in 1980 when 65 countries boycotted the games in Moscow.

Good job athletes. Até Brasil em 2016!

5 shared thoughts about до свидания – Do svidaniya – Goodbye

  1. mama g says:
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    In the past I usually cheered for the US. This time I noticed I just cheered everyone and didn’t really care who won. It was a relaxing and fun way to watch. :snow:

  2. Denice says:
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    I loved the closing ceremony — especially Korea’s entry. It made me excited for 2018. We talked about how you and Will would love to be in Brazil for the 2016 games. We would love to go to any of them. Martin served his mission in Korea so he will be extra interested in those games.

  3. Brett says:
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    “The Russian national anthem reminds me a bit of a military drinking song.”

    I bet if you did a little research you could prove that theory right. :brett:

    • Giggles says:
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      Apparently it’s the same song from the Soviet Union. They just changed the lyrics about Stalin and stuff.

      • mama g says:
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        :whistle: They made a smart move, removing the stuff about Stalin from the national anthem. (:

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