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Course materials

Categories: Education

While the course I’m teaching right now is an intense course, I’m pretty sure the materials are not exactly the type that could be printed out in book form or compiled for a digital reader. The manuscript is definitely an original one though, but I hardly have time to edit it these days. Keep reading

Knowing more

Categories: Infertility

There was one place I enjoyed seeing pregnant women though. … They’d walked their own version of the infertility road, but they knew the road. They were my people even if I didn’t know their names or their stories. Keep reading

Someone stole the MOON!

Categories: Science & Tech

Last week I took some photos of the moon at the start of the eclipse and then again during totality. I love looking up at the sky with wonder. I thought the eclipsed moon looked more orange than “blood” red actually. Keep reading

Not because He died. But because He lives.

Categories: Gospel

But it is not because he died that my troubles and woes can become peace and hope, that my worries and pains can become joy. It is because He lives. Keep reading

Personality quirks and quizzes

Categories: Life

According to a personality test I took in a college class, I have the type of personality that hates personality tests. Which to me just proves the point. Keep reading