Riot culture?

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The local university basketball team lost Saturday night. And the locals held a small riot in response.

Of the 15 people arrested, 9 are current students at the university. The newspaper reported that the dean of students said the riot in no way reflects the culture of the university nor the town.

I don’t think the dean of students understands what the word culture means.

The newspaper also reported that the police have been preparing and training for this possibility for months. There were 60-70 officers already on hand before the game ended. And the online version of the newspaper had ready links to photos of the 1997 (when they actually won the whole thing) and 2001 (when they came in 2nd) basketball related riots.

All that sounds like a building riot culture to me.

5 shared thoughts about Riot culture?

  1. Genevieve Ford says:

    I’d say the Dean does know what culture means. He uses the phrase accurately. He just is denying that the whole university is represented by the actions of the students who participated in the riot. You just disagree with his position. 🙂

    • Giggles says:

      The fact that this isn’t an isolated instance and the police were more than prepared for the incident means it’s at least a subculture that needs to be addressed.

      In my view it’s similar to the principal of my high school getting on the evening news the day of senior ditch day and saying they had no idea that that had been senior ditch day when every teacher had been instructed to not only take attendance that day but also assign an in-class assignment that counted for a grade and could not be made up.

      The dean and my principal were trying to cover their butts by closing the barn door after the horses got out.

    • Brett says:

      The culture is made up of the actions of the student body, not the wishes of the administrator. I don’t think you need the whole university to be involved in order to identify a riot culture. :brett:

  2. Denice says:

    What makes people think a riot will change anything?

  3. mama g says:

    Two years ago when Kentucky won the whole thing they rioted because they were happy. They looted and destroyed the shops around campus. Riots make no sense at all. :annoyed:


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