Monthly Archives: October 2012

Not something you see every day

Categories: Happy Things, Science & Tech

Sometimes the world is just an amazing place. These kinds of things make me happy. Keep reading

Who knew!

Categories: Work

The only problem is being coherent enough when the phone rings at 5am to figure out what I’m doing that day. Keep reading

Can I plateau for a bit?

Categories: Life

I’ve heard it said that it’s not so much the school of hard knocks that gets to you, it’s the refresher courses. Keep reading

Nine years of giggles

Categories: Science & Tech

I’ve figured out how to add a new feature here. You can now “vote” for comments you really like. Keep reading


Categories: Random

Stupid grasshoppers. Undistracted ants. Empty flowers? Illiterate bugs. Keep reading

Never learn?

Categories: Gospel, Politics

We stand for a full dinner pail. We stand for a chicken in every pot. Two cars in every garage. Full employment for everybody in America and a pint of milk for everybody in the world. Keep reading

When am I ever going to use this?

Categories: Science & Tech

My laptop just informed me I’m running out of space on my hard drive and suggested I get rid of old or unused files to clear space. My desktop had been running slow so I thought I’d defragment that hard drive and found out I didn’t have enough free space to run the defragmenter. Keep reading