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Random thoughts pass through my head some times. Here’s a sampling:

  • I’d rather have fleas than lice. Fleas just eat you. Lice lives on you. I’ve had fleas. I’ve never had lice. I’d rather not.
  • Isn’t this false advertising on my box of Raisin Bran? Raisin Bran has dark raisins. Can you get dark raisins from light green grapes? I thought dark raisins came from purple grapes not green grapes.
  • Why do people read comic strips they don’t like? I’ve always loved reading the comics. It’s an essential part of my morning. I even have whole stacks of them that I cut out of the paper and saved because I liked them. Since finding comics on the internet I now have files of electronic clippings. But I really don’t understand people who feel the need to read comics online that they apparently don’t like because they keep leaving angry comments on the strips. If you don’t like it, why are you reading it?
  • It’s not that I forget how to make small talk, I just never learned – xkcd: Small Talk. Brett’s real good to put up with my version of small talk. Like this post. Small talk with the small random thoughts that pass through my head. Imagine if we said all of them out loud.

And I made a hat to put on my head. And I’m very proud of it. It took about an hour and a half from the time I decided I wanted a hat for me to cut the pattern, cut the fabric, and sew it all together. All from a pattern, fabric, and interfacing I already had. I stuff it in my bag and wear it around campus to keep the sun off my nose and ears. I’m super stylish.

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  1. Mitali says:

    It looks great! Nice fabric. I’ve wanted to make the girls a hat… but my sewing machine has been waiting at the repair shop for a missing part for the past three weeks. Oh, Canada Poste…

    • Giggles says:

      I’d originally bought the fabric to make a pair of shorts. But I’ve decided I’m too old to be wearing shorts out of that fabric. But I’m just right to be wearing a hat.

      I need to take my machine in for a service. But I know as soon as I do I’ll need it desperately for something.

  2. mama G says:

    I don’t like lice or fleas. I’m bad at small talk. Great hat. Now If I borrow your hat at the desert your head will be safe from humming birds. :cactus:

  3. Denice says:

    I agree with your Mom — neither lice or fleas — I have never had either. And it is a cute hat.

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