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Clear back the beginning of March someone was talking about time and what we do with it. I started thinking about my time. There are 168 hours each week. Here’s how I figured out how my week breaks down.

  • 63 hours sleeping :lisa:
  • 7 hours teaching :apple:
  • 7 hours eating :lisa:
  • 5.5 hours working on IRB paperwork (almost done!! for the first draft) :apple:
  • 5 hours running :lisa:
  • 5 hours of TV (although I often do other things while I’m watching, like eating and weights, so I’m not sure how to count this) :lisa:
  • 5 hours cleaning the house (cleaning, laundry, groceries) :lisa:
  • 5 hours showering and getting dressed :lisa:
  • 4.5 hours on a bus, which I spend reading :lisa:
  • 3 hours driving (to work and church, other driving in the week isn’t counted here) :apple:
  • 3 hours grading/prep each week :apple:
  • 3 hours of church meetings (plus a few more if I have a YW meeting (3 hours) or activity that week (2 hours)) :star:
  • 3 hours reading the scriptures personally :star:
  • 2.5 hours each week reading the scriptures with Brett :star:
  • 2 office hours :apple:
  • 2 hours for date night :lisa:
  • 1.5 hours for FHE each week :lisa:
  • 1 hour for a TA meeting :apple:
  • 1 hour at misc appointments :lisa:
  • 1 hour talking with my mom on the phone :lisa:

:lisa: Personal & family = 100 hours
:star: Church = 8.5 hours
:apple: Work & school = 21.5 hours

And that’s 130 hours I’ve accounted for each week. Which leaves me another 38 hours that I can’t definitely pin down on anything specific. (Three years ago when I broke down my week I accounted for almost the same number of hours.) I know I spend some of it on-line. I spend some of it doing crafts. I spend some of it out in the yard. I spend a lot of it talking with Brett. If we go to the temple that’s 8 hours of that day.

I’ve heard people say that they would do this that or the other if they only had the time. And maybe I’ve said that too. But really it’s a lie. You have the time for anything you want to. The truth of the matter is that if something is enough of a priority you will make the time for it. It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of priority. I might say I don’t have time to learn to play the banjo, but really, it’s just not high enough of a priority for me to make the time. My family, my job/studies, and church. Those are my priorities.

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  1. Brett says:

    People tell me I should make time for my priorities, but I can’t find the recipe. :brett:

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