A Domain for Two

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We have a winner!!

MissGiggles.com will remain my own web domain where I can go off on the random things about my own life.

But, on Monday night (when I renewed MissGiggles.com for another go), I also purchased Ooh-Shemo.com. It is ours. And it even has stuff on it too! And Brett thinks it looks great! (I love that he loves my talents that are easy but look hard.) We debated how to punctuate it and decided the hyphen is much underused and needed some recognition.42D

That’s right, we are basically calling our web site “that’s what it’s called.” But in Hebrew, so that makes it cool.

Right now it will basically be information about our wedding and introducing us to people who might only know one of us. (Brett needs to write his introduction still. If you go check it out right now, that’s what I put.)

That is all.

3 shared thoughts about A Domain for Two

  1. Giggle

    Two thumbs up from me. 8)

  2. Pays says:

    Looks great!! I will add it to my blog list 🙂

  3. Sally says:

    so I laughed out loud multiple times while checking out your domain for two. good job… very funny. and it makes me happy that my name is included in your story!


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