Bad timing

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Okay, so maybe I am feeling stress right now. And throwing the start of school and another thing or two into the mix, and there are several things that are just bad timing for me this week.

Let’s start with poor customer service and go from there.

Several many years ago I got a Victoria’s Secret credit card. They have nice things and good smelly stuff. And every year they send me a $10 gift card to use the month of my birthday. Except this year (of all the years!!!). So I called the end of July and the person told me they’d reissue it. Two weeks later still hadn’t received anything. So I called again. Was surprised that a man would answer the customer service line at Victoria’s Secret, but okay. He said they had reissued it, but that’s interesting that I still hadn’t received it. So he reissued it again. It’s now the end of August, nothing.

It’s going to take till some time near the end of September for the graduate college to realize that they are supposed to be covering my tuition and send me the check from my student loan for this semester. Unfortunately that will come about three weeks after I need that check. I love the school, I just wish they could get their act together and communicate better some times. Stupid air conditioner in my car breaking two months ago and throwing my whole budget off for two months or this wouldn’t be such an issue.

On August 11th I placed an order for ribbon for my wedding. I was charged for that order on August 13th. On August 26th they finally got around to shipping it. I didn’t think they could charge me if they hadn’t shipped it. This better be all I need because I won’t have time to order more if it isn’t.

And don’t talk to me about the invitations to our wedding right now. I just might explode.

And last night a 70-year-old man pulled my braid. What the huh?

I’m just going to go curl up in a ball for a bit and try not to yell at anyone. xD

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  1. Mimi says:

    Breathe deeply! In two years none of those things will matter, right now they are REALLY annoying. I am sorry and I wish I could be more helpful…

  2. Heidi Aphrodite says:

    MAYBE you’re stressed? Just MAYBE? Please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Things will all work out ok–they always do. Somehow you’ll get the money you need, somehow the ribbon will be just right, and somehow the invitations will be perfect.

    Also, random people touching/pulling/playing with my hair is one of the reasons I’m kind of glad it’s not to my hips anymore. You just have to roll with it and remember that most people don’t mean any harm. Or, you know, start smacking them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Miss Giggles says:

    Two years? None of this will matter in three months. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The graduate college has a well worded email they haven’t responded to yet about how their lack of timely handling of issues means I can’t pay rent this month. I hope they sleep well.

    The ribbon arrived. The green isn’t the color I thought it would be. It’s called “evergreen” and I was thinking blue spruce and they thought fake Christmas tree. So we’ll go to plan B and C for random greenery (Mom, be thinking of a plan C). But the other ribbons are so perfect I’d squeal if I was the squealing type.

    Brett and I discussed the wedding invites and how I need to stop worrying about offending people and just do what we need to do. I love that we can communicate as well as we can.

    Victoria Secret has sent me a bill (for stuff I bought) but not a gift card. Might be time for another phone call.

    Some times a person just needs to vent so they can move on. This post was a venting and now I’m moving on. Although if the 70 year-old tries to pretend he’s six again tomorrow, he’ll get an ear-full.

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