Everyone needs a blankie

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My family all has a lot of blankets from me, of a lot of different kinds. I made my nephew a total of 4 receiving blankets, 14 burp rags, and 7 bibs, all out of flannel. I figured babies spit up a lot, so having a lot of burp rags would come in handy. And I’ve been told that they are being used, but not all for spit up.My nephew will not be without one. They put one over him when they change his diaper or give him a bath. He has to be grabbing it or have it in his mouth all the time. And they are the perfect size for him to hold on to. So all 14 of them are in random places all over their apartment so they can always find one for him.

My mom says she’s never seen a baby that young (he’s barely one week) be so attached to a blanket like that. I think he’s just a smart baby and knows his aunt makes good blankets.

I have the cutest nephew ever.

I saw some pictures of him wrapped up in my blankets. I told a friend that I’d made everything in the picture but the baby.42D

I’m glad he’s enjoying my stuff.

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