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Some person, for some strange weird reason, changed the ports on my server and so for more than a month, my website was not sending out e-mails. I like it to send me notices when someone comments just so I know what is going on, but that’s just a nice thing. What’s really important about those e-mails is that, because I require people to register and have a password to comment, the website needs to be able to send them an e-mail with that password. That should be working again now.


I love PBS. Tonight I’m watching a show called “Brain Fitness.” One of the things they pointed out was that exercise, physical activity, helps your brain stay strong longer than doing crossword puzzles. So that means the run I went on this morning could have easily done more for my brain than the two hours I spent in class tonight. That makes me smile.But they are also using this show to raise funds for PBS. If you donate $365, they will give you a computer program that will supposedly help your brain stay active and healthy. Now, I’m sure that things such as that computer program will help, but why don’t they throw in a jump rope or something to help promote physical activity?

Earlier they were talking about how babies learn and how their brains develop. I’m going to be a weird mom, watching my kids grown and learn and analyzing them. I’ve had a few professors who have admitted to doing just that with their kids. Piaget developed his theories watching his own kids. I don’t know that I’ll come up with any new theories, but I’ll have fun.


Smelly people should not be allowed on the bus. And I’m speaking specifically of people who smell because they smoke things. Or maybe we could make a smelly section of the bus and a section of the bus for people who don’t want to stink. I’m enjoying riding the bus because I don’t have to worry about finding a place to park. And a tank of gas in my car lasts several weeks now. I’m also getting a lot of reading done in the hour I’m on the bus each day I go down to campus.


I believe that the government is changing to digital TV signals in February because the cable companies are making them do it so that we’ll all get fed up with free TV and start paying for it. I have the digital converter thing and an amplifying antenna, but if the guy upstairs decides he wants to pace, my signal dies.


Now, does anyone know where I put the box with all the fun decorations from my classroom? I’m trying to set up a real cool office on campus, and it looks a bit clinical right now.


And you – you are cynical. And you – you are not ethical. And you, you aren’t stable and consistent, unless you are talking about being consistently unstable. There might be more on that coming later. But for now, I just had to get that out. And I’m willing to bet that neither of the “you”s read this either, so no, it’s not you.

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